Hacienda Post was established in 1999 by multi award winning Sound Supervisor and Mixer Timothy Borquez. The company was created with the goal of implementing and maintaining a hightly creative and technically superior operation with a dedicated team of supervisors, designers, editors and mixers. Hacienda Post offers more than just full-service post sound and with its cooperative partners, has successfully integrated Non-Linear Offline and Online Picture Editorial, & deliverables. Voice Casting/Direction, SAG Talent and Voice-Over Recording to their list of services and packages. Music Composition, Production and Licensing for Television or Theatrical projects are offered, as well as  Music & Sound Design services for Interactive Game and Theme Park Experiences.


Tim Borquez

Founder & President

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Melissa Waters

Studio Manager

Nancy Mortara

Client Relations

Tony Orozco

Re-Recording Mixer/Sound


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Nick Gotten

Re-Recording Mixer/Sound Designer-Supervisor


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Alex Borquez

Re-Recording Mixer/Sound Designer-Supervisor

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Daisuke Sawa

Sound Designer - Supervisor

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Diane Greco

Foley Artist

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Robert Crew

Sound Engineer/Foley Mixer

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Scott Manke

Sound Editor

Benjamin Burr


Sound Editor

Sally Shulkin

Assistant Studio




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Sound Editorial

Dialogue, ADR, Sound Effects, Music and Foley. Pre-Production track services for Animation: Dialogue Radio-Plays, Slugging, Track-Reading, Animatic Temp Music and Sound Effects

Foley Services

Pro-Tools Recording for Teatrical Direct To Video and Television projects.Award-Winning Foley crew that is fully integrated into the Sound design process.

Music Design

Supervision, Production, Clearance & Editorial for Theatrical, Direct To Video, Television & Interactive projects.

Post Supervision

Full Audio and Video Post Supervision from Budgeting through Delivery.


5.1, 7.1, Dolby Pro-Logic I & II, Stereo Formats for Theatrical, Direct To Video and Television projects. Utilizing Large Theatrical, Mid-Size and Smaller Mix Stages.


Audio Laybacks to SD and HD formats. Audio/Video transfers to and from 35mm, Pro-Tools, Sony 3324, MX2424, DAT, DA-88, 3/4 & 1/2 Video. Quicktime and DVD Dubs.

Sound Design

Over 60 years of combined Sound Design and Supervision experience is brought to every project at Hacienda Post. Field Recording, Sound Manipulation and Mastering of Critical Sound Sequences.


Pro-Tools Recording; Sync to Digital Picture and Videotape for Theatrical, Direct To Video and Television projects. Equipped for Ensemble Recording.

Restoration & Re-Mastering

Noise Reduction, Clean-up, SFX Sweetening; 5.1 and/or Dolby Stereo Re-Mastering. Creation of M&E Mix for International Distribution.


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